One of my regular clients asked if I could design and build a cycle shelter along her fence.

She wanted something that her car would fit under and would also allow the Jasmine to cascade over as well as keep the family cycles dry.

We agreed on a cantilever style roof with a smart black fibre based roof covering to reduce rain noise.

Here you can see the layout for the supporting posts. You can also plainly see the Jasmine to be draped over the roof.

The posts were concreted in and left overnight to sufficiently set.

Here you can see the detail of the roof frame and supporting timber to create the cantilever roof. The timber supports were screwed into the posts so that the head of the coach screws were sunk below the surface of the post. Using wooden plugs, I then covered over the coach bolt holes to give a neat finished look to the support detail.

Once the build was completed, the jasmine was combed out and pulled to the front of the roof to give a much more established look.

The client is really happy with the final look. The whole structure looks like it has been there for a long time.

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