Local Carpenter Services

Local Carpenter Services

As a local carpenter, providing a local carpenter services, working with wood is easily my favourite job. There is a really satisfying feeling about taking a piece of wood and creating something that is needed.

Sometimes the work may be a little such as my legendary horse feeders (made at very short notice with the materials I had around me) don’t be alarmed by the terrorist horse look featured in the picture, apparently this is high end horse couture! (Who knew?)

Horse feeder
Stairway under bedroom

Some times I am asked to do something creative to make the most of an odd feature. Here a regular client has a house where the stair encroaches into the bedroom above, rather than just box around, I was asked to make a feature of the sloping intrusion. Using some beautiful oak planks I had saved from a previous project, I created this stair to nowhere. 

The client even suggested a ‘secret door’ at the top of the stair, we agreed this might be work for another day! Either way, the staircase is now dressed with pictures, ceramics and plants to create a sense of movement to another place. 

Stairway to nowhere!
Stair build

A client had a bit of a wobbly stair bannister and some missing spindles. She asked me to pull it all apart and start again. Here you can see how a new newel post was fitted into the bottom post and replacement handrail and spindles fitted. 

I get to do some rather nice outdoor projects too. Here a client asked me to build a pergola over a patio area……..

Pergola over patio

More carpentry examples

timber shed

So a client had a rather tired old shed and wanted something to replace it. So after a few backs of envelopes, we decided on a complete dismantle and disposal of the old shed and a bespoke build of a replacement. The new shed was built using much higher grade timbers and included a few features to make it quite unique. The end result was a workshop good for many years of service.

timber workshop
Garage and carport.

This client wanted a garage and carport removing and a new garden office building. This was a little more complex than usual in that planning permission was needed, however, once that was granted, the build got underway. The result is a snug new office space with possibly the shortest commute ever.

Garden office
Timber roof
If you ask nicely, I can build you a roof!
Small timber deck
or a small garden deck
Local carpenter services - Small cupboard unit
or even a small storage unit…..

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