Internal handyman work

Here are some examples of the handyman work my clients have asked me to help with. I have the experience to bring to resolve virtually all your home projects. If you need a door fitting, shelves making or fitting, pictures and mirrors hanging, I can certainly help with all these and more. Get in touch – let’s get things sorted out.

Stair replacement

Example handyman work - Carpentry project

A client wanted her stairs repairing, so I was able replace the newel post and fitted a new handrail and spindles. If you want to see more examples of my woodwork/carpentry projects, click here.

New splashbacks

Example handyman work - a recent kitchen project

Here I fitted for a client some splash back panels as well as some rustic scaffold board shelving. This high gloss finish needed very careful transportation and marking out for the cut-outs around the various outlets. Overall a challenging but satisfying project.

On my best behaviour.

no messing, the boss is here.

I had to be on my best behaviour here, the client had left her site manager to keep an eye on me…. (He was VERY diligent!! )

Got to love a before and after….

Boxing in - before

A quick job here, following a boiler leak, the client asked for some boxing in to cover over a bit of a mess under the kitchen unit.

Boxing in - after

More woodwork projects

A regular client had a space in her pantry that was begging for better use. We agreed that access was more important than maximising storage, so as a compromise, I built these wrap around shelves to make the most of the space but still allow access into those far corners.

A commercial handyman job

An example of handyman work

A commercial client wanted a series of frameless picture holders laid out on a busy corridor to be used as a hall of fame for their team. As you can see from the picture this required some very careful laying out. I had to get the spacings correct, then quite a few holes accurately drilled to take the frame fittings. After much masking tape, levels, tape measures and thought, the holes were drilled and frames fitted. I was really pleased with the outcome as was the client, this got me more handyman work at a later date, so it always pays to take the time to get it right…..

And finally, got to love the sheer variety of the work!

Plastic lids - the ultimate handyman challenge!

This is one of my all time favourite of handyman work (although at the time it nearly got away from me). A client rang to say, could I drill a hole in some lids? I thought, well how hard can that be? Hmmmm, he then said, I have 4200 lids that need a 20mm hole in the centre, how long would it take me? As you can imagine, I had no idea whatsoever! But we agreed on the price and a date for me to collect them. When I turned up to collect them, I nearly fainted when I saw the pile! Once I got them home, I tried out some of my prepared ideas. The first attempt smashed the lid into a million pieces. However things quickly evolved then it was a case of get comfortable, turn up the radio and knock it out. Needless to say the client was pleased with the outcome and I had a story that makes me laugh every time…..

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