Garage storage

Everyone needs more storage and your garage can be changed to offer some really useful storage. Lockdown is making everyone focus on how their house works for them. Making the most of every spare space is a smart move.

I was recently asked by another client to design a storage system which could take care of some bulky items. This included the usual pots of paint, Christmas decorations and electrical items.

Using a design I used for a similar previous client (see the blog post for that project here), I created a storage space that allowed her to park her car at night, but made the best use of the remaining space.

Garage storage Cambridge

If you are overflowing with stuff, give me a call to see how I can help with a well designed storage system in your garage.


local carpentry jobs

It must be that time of the year where clients look for a local carpenter to help with the preparation for winter. Here a client had an old side door to their garden, it was just a case of fitting new hinges in the gate….

Fitting a hinge to a door

Transferring the marks to the gatepost and fitting the new hinge….

Then swinging the new door….

Another client asked me to build a storage system in their garage, there seemed to be an unlimited supply of storage boxes that needed some organisation!

So, after clearing some space, this is what I started with…

A work in progress. I chose to use 18mm OSB boards to give the shelves some strength (MDF has in the past proven to be not up to the job) and treated timbers for the frame…

And after a days work, here is the new space racked out and all the storage boxes easily available for access when needed…

Garage Storage

A new front door threshold…

Door threshold

And finally, a quick boxing in job over some water pipes and electric cables…

Boxing in

if you have a carpentry job and are looking for a local tradesman to take care of it, call me or use the WhatsApp button. Give me a ring, lets get this sorted out…..


Just a simple request…

.. but still needs planning and care

A regular client asked me for some help putting up his picture collection. Nothing really too hard, but still worth the time to lay out the pictures, consider grouping and spacing, then securely fixing for many years of enjoyment.

Picture hanging
Where is Tony Hart when you need him!..

If you have a few jobs around the home and need a little help, call me on 0791 702 4469.

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Door repair job

A client wanted a carpenter to repair a rotten door sill. You might notice that while the rest of the door is in good shape, the sill is often decayed. This part of the door takes rain water running down the door and directs it away from the threshold. It is key to keep your home dry. So in order to remove the rotten sill, I used a stack of rare earth magnets. These can be used to locate the screws on the other side holding the sill in place.

Rare earth magnets

The magnets is a trick I often use to find buried screws in walls and timber. On older properties with plasterboard held on with battens, the plasterboards screws can be quickly located. Once you have found one, the next is almost certainly 600 or 400mm away horizontally. It is a easy job then to locate good holding points for heavy pictures or mirrors.

Once, I had found the screws recessed onto the back of the door, it was a simple task of removing them.

With the screws located, the filler covering them can be dug out and then the screws removed. The new sill can then be installed. Then with a bead of clear silicone across the top, the worst of the weather is kept out.

A bit of filler over the screws in the back of the door and the job was ready for the client to paint.

With all the weather we have been getting, it is best to get on top of jobs like this one. If you need a carpenter for a door repair, call me on 0791 702 4469.

I will soon have your property ready for the worst that the weather can throw at it….


End of tenancy….

Sometimes work is like buses, no work for a landlord for a while, then two turn up at once.

Today was similar to yesterday in that a landlord contacted me to say that an empty property was about to get new tenants and would I be able to go in and tidy the place up a bit.

This type of work will often cover many different skills, so having the knowledge of many trades is a huge benefit.

For both jobs, making good dings in walls / plasterboard is a given. Happily both landlords had paint left over from previous work, so filler, sandpaper then mini-roller had the walls looking clean and smart.

Handyman tip: using a hot air gun (carefully!) greatly speeds up the process between drying and sanding.

The rest of the work included new blinds, silicone around bath/shower, fix door and window handles, trim back kitchen unit plinth for new fridge, re-hang electric heater and on it goes. Each job needs a different skill, each needs to be done to the highest standard.

Both landlords were delighted with the outcome and both said they would definitely ask me back for other properties. I suppose that is the acid test, do I get invited back…

If you are about to vacate a property and want to avoid losing your security deposit or you are a landlord looking to get your property ready for new tenants, call me for property maintenance/ handyman help in sorting out that list of jobs.


Property maintenance job

A client asked me to take a look at the windows in her new home. She wanted them made ready for the winter. She has oak framed windows throughout the house, all of which needed rubbing down and then treating with a quality preservative.

Partially complete oak window.
Nearly done….

Ok, I confess, standing on a ladder painting windows is not my number 1 handyman task, but the sun was out and the tunes were on and the result of the work was fantastic!

Completed window frame stained ready for the winter.
Finished oak window

If you have a job preparing your property for the winter or any other handyman / property repair, call me for a quick chat and a free estimate for how I can help you.