Why employing a handyman makes sense…

I had an opportunity recently to reflect on the work I have completed recently for my clients. One job stood out as strongly demonstrating why it makes sense to employ a handyman.
My client had the following job list:
1. Repaint a section of ceiling following water damage.
2. Repaint a section of wall following water damage and re-fix skirting following a plumber.
3. Remove from site two doors, spray paint and refit.
4. Cut an end panel to complete a fitted kitchen
5. Make cupboard shelves from end panel offcuts
6. Lift and reset two paving slabs on terrace.
7. Repair a hole in plasterboard on stair landing.
8. Make bespoke bedroom shelf for alcove and spray paint

My work list

The ceiling required my painting gear for two coats of specialist stain cover paint followed by client supplied emulsion.
The skirting was fitted back to the wall, caulked all round ready for client to paint.
The two doors were taken to my workshop, prepared for painting, had two coats of specialist undercoat paint sprayed on and one top coat also applied using spray gear (When I had finished, they looked fantastic).
The end panel was cut using professional level carpentry tools.
I was able to reuse the end panel offcuts to fabricate matching shelves.
Re-laying the slabs required a whole new set of equipment as well as the supply of cement/sand to make up a concrete mortar.
Theplasterboard fix (approx. 450mm x 450mm hole) required my plastering equipment, three visits to apply first coat, final coat plaster and then painted.
The finished result was almost undetectable.
The alcove shelf required battens and shelf material, all of which were sprayed as above before installing.

So, what is the point?

The point here is if it had been possible to get a trade in for each of these jobs, I suspect the final bill would have been at least double / treble. I am police checked and have public liability insurance. I am always smartly presented, articulate and fully house trained. I clear up after myself and expect payment only when we are all happy.
Looking back at this job made me realise that I offer an extremely cost effective way of getting a wide range of jobs completed around the house.
If you feel a little overwhelmed with that to-do list, give me a call.