Typical handyman day…

What is a typical day for your local handyman? Well try this…

1. Remove curtain rail and batten, fills holes, make plaster good, sand down really for paint.

2. Replace wardrobe doors hinges.

3. Relocate latch for emergency exit door, lube hinges, clean out door frame.

4. Diagnose and recommend next steps for built in toilet overflow.

5. Resolve running water noise in en-suite.

6. Fit cat flap.

7. Fit PIR lights

8. Fit smoke alarms.

9. Fit rainwater trap to water butt.

10. Fit threshold and draught excluder (to stop spiders) – No warranty offered!

11. Repair patio umbrella.

12. Bang in rotary washing line holder.

13. Cut garden table down to size.

14. Fit door handles to garden studio.


If you have a list of jobs (maybe that long maybe not) call me on 07917024469. I will be pleased to help you out.