End of tenancy….

Sometimes work is like buses, no work for a landlord for a while, then two turn up at once.

Today was similar to yesterday in that a landlord contacted me to say that an empty property was about to get new tenants and would I be able to go in and tidy the place up a bit.

This type of work will often cover many different skills, so having the knowledge of many trades is a huge benefit.

For both jobs, making good dings in walls / plasterboard is a given. Happily both landlords had paint left over from previous work, so filler, sandpaper then mini-roller had the walls looking clean and smart.

Handyman tip: using a hot air gun (carefully!) greatly speeds up the process between drying and sanding.

The rest of the work included new blinds, silicone around bath/shower, fix door and window handles, trim back kitchen unit plinth for new fridge, re-hang electric heater and on it goes. Each job needs a different skill, each needs to be done to the highest standard.

Both landlords were delighted with the outcome and both said they would definitely ask me back for other properties. I suppose that is the acid test, do I get invited back…

If you are about to vacate a property and want to avoid losing your security deposit or you are a landlord looking to get your property ready for new tenants, call me for property maintenance/ handyman help in sorting out that list of jobs.