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Garden fencing

Liam wanted some fencing put up to stop the damage caused by enthusiastic footballers to his garden vegetable patch.

He pretty much left the design to me so today, we set too in burying fencing posts and fixing some galvanised wire mesh to keep the footballs onside.

Now, I don’t normally ask or expect assistance from the client, but there is a certain magnetism between small boys and hammers!

Bury St. Edmunds, small boy fixing wire fencing
Small boy, small hammer!

So after much digging, hammering etc we stood back from our mornings work, pleased with what we saw…

Emerates stadium, here we come!

If you have problems with wayward ball game players, or furry friends making the most of your veg beds and need some garden fencing, give me a call.

To get in contact, go to my contacts page, there are loads of options there. Simon.

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Decking job

A quick deck clean and re-treat with preservative. Maintenance of a deck at your property is always going to be a good investment.

We all know about timber decks that become grey and or greasy. They soon become an eyesore and in the wet, lethal.

A client asked for a pressure wash then application of a clear preservative.

Here are the before…

…. and after pictures…

Decking cleaned and re-treated

If you have a decking in need of a spruce up, call me for a free quote…