Door repair job

A client wanted a carpenter to repair a rotten door sill. You might notice that while the rest of the door is in good shape, the sill is often decayed. This part of the door takes rain water running down the door and directs it away from the threshold. It is key to keep your home dry. So in order to remove the rotten sill, I used a stack of rare earth magnets. These can be used to locate the screws on the other side holding the sill in place.

Rare earth magnets

The magnets is a trick I often use to find buried screws in walls and timber. On older properties with plasterboard held on with battens, the plasterboards screws can be quickly located. Once you have found one, the next is almost certainly 600 or 400mm away horizontally. It is a easy job then to locate good holding points for heavy pictures or mirrors.

Once, I had found the screws recessed onto the back of the door, it was a simple task of removing them.

With the screws located, the filler covering them can be dug out and then the screws removed. The new sill can then be installed. Then with a bead of clear silicone across the top, the worst of the weather is kept out.

A bit of filler over the screws in the back of the door and the job was ready for the client to paint.

With all the weather we have been getting, it is best to get on top of jobs like this one. If you need a carpenter for a door repair, call me on 0791 702 4469.

I will soon have your property ready for the worst that the weather can throw at it….