Sash windows

I consider myself lucky to be able to offer handyman services to a local 17th century manor house. This property is huge (12 bedrooms, library, kitchens, basement, gardens etc – the works!) and there are always jobs around to keep the property working.

I was recently asked to take a look at some sash windows which refused to stay open. Sash windows are consist of two frames an upper and lower frame, with the lower frame infront of the upper so that it can slide up to provide ventilation etc.

The lower window has weights attached via a cord which run in a chamber to the side of the frame. The weight should counterbalance the window. This means that when the lower window is moved up, the weight holds it at the chosen position. Here, somehow the weights were insufficient to hold the window open and the window gracefully slid back down closed.

The solution to this was to get access into the weight chamber. Once I was in, I could add weights to balance out the window frame. This took some trial and error to balance the weight against the frame. While I had the window apart, I also replaced the cord. The client was pleased to finally be able to open the window and for it to stay open!

Sash window weight chamber

If you have similar problems with your sash windows, give me a call on 0791 702 4469 to discuss how I might be able to help.

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