Property maintenance checklist

For many home owners, property maintenance jobs happen only when something goes wrong. Overflowing gutters, slippery decking / patio, overgrown hedge, leaky shed roof. Your family’s safety could be in jeopardy when key areas of your home are neglected for too long. To keep your home looking at its best, preserve its value, and keep your family comfortable, follow this property maintenance checklist on a regular basis.

A spectacular roof I help maintain
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  • Springtime property maintenance jobs are often mostly all about clearing up from the mess of the winter weather.
  • Clean out your gutters and down pipes using a water hose, make sure that they drain freely.
  • Check any exterior cladding or render for any moisture damage.
  • You might want to think about cutting back trees or heges that are starting to encroach into your garden or property. (Try to do this in early spring or late summer, to avoid nesting birds. For branches near overhead electric lines, your must call your supplier rather than try this yourself!
  • Outdoor landscaping such as decking or paving could do with a close inspection to make sure that there are no raised paving slabs. Timber decking can become covered in green algae growth which is particularly slippery to walk on, this is a simple job of pressure washing to restore back to the original surface. Now would also be a good time to treat with a coat or two of protective wood treatment.
  • How is that shed at the bottom of the garden? Did it survive the storms? Replacing torn or leaking felt is vital to keeping the whole structure in good condition. Any warped or rotten cladding can also be easily replaced.
  • Now is the best time to carefully check over your window and door frames for any sign of the weather getting in. Rotten sections can be cut out and replaced, cracked or flaking paint can be sanded back and painted over.
  • Any major work requiring trades needs to be planned and trades booked in for the better weather, the better trades get booked two or three months ahead.
Client shed in need of repair!
A small roofing repair!


  • With better temperatures and less(?) rain, now is a good time to get major repairs completed. If you booked the work in at the start of the year, you are already ahead.
  • Now is the time to paint, paint, paint. Fences will need treating every two years. Sheds the same. Do it now, you will thank yourself later!
  • Flick on your central heating, you can avoid an expensive bill for a replacment diverter valve in the autumn by making sure that it dosen’t become stuck during the summer.
  • Test your smoke and carbom monoxide alarms
Hosta  ‘June’, my favourite


  • Property maintenance jobs during the autumn should be focussed on the preparation for winter. Gutters, shed roofs etc.
  • Lubricate moving parts on your lawn mover, drain the fuel and store out of the weather.
  • If you have a wood burner, think about when you had the chimney swept.
  • Remove leaves and debris from garden ponds and water features, leaving an old ball in the water helps keep a space clear for birds over the winter.
  • Test your fire alarm


  • With cold temperatures and harsh weather, the focus of winter home maintenance is damage control. Because of the nasty outdoor conditions, you may not have the opportunity to do extensive exterior repairs.
  • From a safely secured ladder, check gutters and the lower roof for moss growth, leaves etc and clear guttering as necessary. Perhaps this could be an opportunity to clear out basements, garages out houses, sheds.
  • Inside your home, now is a good time to check grouting and silicone around all your kitchen and bathroom fittings. There is no need to live with moudly shower seams, it is a fairly straightforward job to cut out all the discoloured silicone and replace with new white or perhaps complimentary colour silicone.
  • Have I mentioned, check your smoke alarm?

A snowy day
A snowy day

If you have a small job or a whole list of work, call me for help with your handyman / property maintenance jobs…