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Return of the emergency carpenter.

So, still feeling the warm virtuous glow from Saturdays carpenter project, today I was asked to make sheep feeder!

I mean, what are the chances?

So, back to the pallet heap and more leftover fencing materials and hey presto!

Impromptu sheep feeder

It does seem odd to have now built two animal feeders in the space of three days for different clients.

I am quite prepared to accept that this is some way away from fine joinery, but is satisfying nonetheless.

So to finish, a shot of contented sheep giving it large over some fresh hay.

Supper time!

Just to say I was ably supported by my friend John keeping me stocked up with custard doughnuts.

Based on the trajectory of the last three days, the next feeder will be suitable for hamsters….

If you have a carpentry job, or almost any other problems around your home, call me or use the WhatsApp button below.

Carpentry property maintenance

Emergency carpenter job

It’s been raining recently, as a result, my local emergency carpenter skills have been called upon.

Time to call for your carpenter super hero.
It’s been raining recently!

Two local horse owners contacted me recently to ask if I could put together a hay feeder for their ponies.

As you can see, things have become somewhat boggy!

They were kind enough to send me a picture of the sort of thing they were looking for. So after hunting around my timber store, I pulled this together.

I made this based around a heavy duty pallet left over from a job and some fencing. It had to be sufficiently robust to withstand enthusiastic horses feeding and also keeping feed off the floor. Those of a less charitable disposition might ask what a ninja bank robber was doing in a pantomime horse outfit! I am assured this is the latest look from Newmarket….

Does your Kung-fu pony need an emergency carpenter or perhaps your gate needs fixing. I can do both! 😁

Use my Contact Me page to get in touch, or the WhatsApp button below. See my Carpentry projects page for more examples of how I might be able to help – as you can see above, I can turn my hand to most things!

property maintenance

Lovely clients…..

So, I know it is wrong to compare people, however, occasionally an especially lovely client goes that little bit further to make your day.

We always work hard at delivering above and beyond your clients expectations, but occasional clients seem to find just that extra encouragement to do your best.

An early morning breakfast.

We were just getting to the last stage of a garden office build for this client and he said ‘would you like a cooked breakfast?’, and we said ‘yes please’. (Well we didn’t want to appear rude, did we… 😂😂😂)

If you want to provide breakfast on a frosty morning or want a garden office / shed or anything, give me a ring! 😁.

property maintenance

Garden fencing

Liam wanted some fencing put up to stop the damage caused by enthusiastic footballers to his garden vegetable patch.

He pretty much left the design to me so today, we set too in burying fencing posts and fixing some galvanised wire mesh to keep the footballs onside.

Now, I don’t normally ask or expect assistance from the client, but there is a certain magnetism between small boys and hammers!

Bury St. Edmunds, small boy fixing wire fencing
Small boy, small hammer!

So after much digging, hammering etc we stood back from our mornings work, pleased with what we saw…

Emerates stadium, here we come!

If you have problems with wayward ball game players, or furry friends making the most of your veg beds and need some garden fencing, give me a call.

To get in contact, go to my contacts page, there are loads of options there. Simon.

Cambridge Property Doctor

Garage storage

Everyone needs more storage and your garage can be changed to offer some really useful storage. Lockdown is making everyone focus on how their house works for them. Making the most of every spare space is a smart move.

I was recently asked by another client to design a storage system which could take care of some bulky items. This included the usual pots of paint, Christmas decorations and electrical items.

Using a design I used for a similar previous client (see the blog post for that project here), I created a storage space that allowed her to park her car at night, but made the best use of the remaining space.

Garage storage Cambridge

If you are overflowing with stuff, give me a call to see how I can help with a well designed storage system in your garage.


local carpentry jobs

It must be that time of the year where clients look for a local carpenter to help with the preparation for winter. Here a client had an old side door to their garden, it was just a case of fitting new hinges in the gate….

Fitting a hinge to a door

Transferring the marks to the gatepost and fitting the new hinge….

Then swinging the new door….

Another client asked me to build a storage system in their garage, there seemed to be an unlimited supply of storage boxes that needed some organisation!

So, after clearing some space, this is what I started with…

A work in progress. I chose to use 18mm OSB boards to give the shelves some strength (MDF has in the past proven to be not up to the job) and treated timbers for the frame…

And after a days work, here is the new space racked out and all the storage boxes easily available for access when needed…

Garage Storage

A new front door threshold…

Door threshold

And finally, a quick boxing in job over some water pipes and electric cables…

Boxing in

if you have a carpentry job and are looking for a local tradesman to take care of it, call me or use the WhatsApp button. Give me a ring, lets get this sorted out…..