New washing line

No jobs too small….. Am I the last to hear about Mrs Hinch? (Apparently she is the latest promotions advisor from Amazon!) Mrs Hinch seems to the the font of all knowledge when it comes to how you go about your life.

Anyhoo, Mrs Hinch recommended a space saving washing line, so in order to maintain our position civilised society, Mrs CPD placed an order and this new edition to our lives promptly arrived.

A simple handyman project

A quick layout using masking tape and four 8mm holes later, the new washing line was on the wall. Being designed and made by Brabantia is a good start, it is really well engineered. Overall, I think it makes a useful and smart addition to the house. .

Washing line mounted to wall
Handyman /  Property maintenance

If you have some small jobs like this or a whole list of work, call me for help with your handyman / property maintenance work…