Door repairs


The kind of door repairs I am asked to look at include:

  1. Broken Hinges
  2. Lock repairs or replacement.
  3. Doors sticking in the frame.
  4. Doors needing a trim due to new carpet.
  5. Repairs to door seals or draught exclusion fitted.

The list goes on and on.

uPVC doors provide improved security and draught exclusion, but they have complex locking systems which often need attention due to a dropped frame or dropped hinges.


 Once the doors has moved or components have come loose, the locking mechanism no longer locates into its keep and locking the door now becomes a difficult operation with parts grinding into place. It is better to arrange a door repair job to get the whole locking system adjusted and realigned before parts start to break up or wear out.

Standard Euro Cylinder Lock

It is also well worth thinking about changing and/or upgrading the standard level of euro cylinder lock provided with replacement doors.

If you are moving into your new home, take a moment to think about all those previous owners with potentially copies of your new house door locks. Additionally, there is increasing incidents of ‘lock snapping’, where criminals break a standard Euro lock at the weak point in the middle, then turn the locking mechanism to gain entry into your house.

Fitting an anti-snap cylinder like the one opposite will help defeat this crime. The lock has a deliberate weak section built in which breaks away when attacked leaving the main part of the lock in place and still securing your door. Making this change is a simple door repair that shouldn’t take too long.

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Anti-snap Euro lock

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