Decking Build

A problem deck.

One a number of occasions, I have been asked to help with a decking build. One of my long term clients asked me to take a look at deck she has at a rented property. It had become increasingly aparent that the deck was pretty much on its last legs and needed to be replaced.

The responsibility of a landlord is to provide a safe living space and this deck was proving to be a problem. After some discussion, we designed a deck using best practice build design and using long lasting and low maintenance products.

Deck build project
Deck framing

Site Clearance.

Removing the old deck revealled a few `crimes` going on underneath. The previous deck had been built over broken up concrete that had been left under to original deck. Most of this had to be cleared from the site before the new deck build could start. 

Here I had fixed a wall plate to the house which set the overall height of the deck coming away from the house. (The uprights were temporary just to get the overall height set out.)

I used treated timbers sitting on posts set on specalist foundation blocks (showing here in the foreground).  

Build underway.

With build progressing, I placed a damp membrane over the frame to protect from water run off from the deck.

I have also positioned posts for the handrail to be built all round. The posts were stained black to provide a strong constrast to the final decking design.

Deck design and build
Completed deck in spiced oak and black stained posts and handrails

The completed project.

The completed deck. Following a site visit and discussion with the client, we agreed to use composite decking in the Spiced Oak   colour and contrasting black stained posts and handrails. 

If you have a decking build in mind or want me to provide some ideas based on my previous work, Contact Us to discuss your decking build project.

Finished deck finished with composite boards and wooden posts and handrails