Garden Offices

Putting together a Dunstal House garden office.

Along with so many others, my client wanted a garden office to use as a comfortable, light place from which to work. The trend for working from home is driving a huge demand for home garden offices.

Here a client had purchased a modular unit delivered to site by the manufacturer for third party assembly. Working from the new base, the garden office was built carefully following the manufacturers instructions. The following series of pictures, show the build progress.

  • Garden office base frame.
  • Putting together a Dunster House garden office.
  • Garden office build fixing walls.
  • Garden office, fixing internal walls.

A regular client had a rather tired garden shed he wanted to use as a workshop / storage area. After some discussion, it was agreed that restoration of this building would be throwing good money into to lost cause, so we agreed to start literally from the ground up.

Shed build before
A tired garden shed to be replaced

After reducing the old shed to skip sized pieces, the base area was cleared and the new build started. Below is a series of pictures showing the build progress.

  • Garden Workshop build - base
  • Garden workshop - sides and ends.
  • Garden workshop - roof
  • Garden workshop - roof progress and end wall.
  • Garden workshop - roof detail

….and a final picture showing the completed build.

Garden workshop - completion.

If you are looking for the cheapest product, this probably isn’t for you. If you are happy with a building made down to a price, there are plenty of website offering their services. However, if you are looking for a unique solution to your storage / hobby / working environment, why not contact me using the WhatsApp button below or using my contacts page?

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